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Replacing your old helmet

If your current motorcycle helmet is more than a couple years old, you may want to buy a new one. Make sure you buy a helmet which is either DOT or Snell certified. These independent testing laboratories make sure that helmets have certain rigorous safety standards. Keep in mind that the helmet is the only thing which protects your head during a fall. Even low speed falls from a motorcycle can cause skull fractures and other head injuries.

If you do not like the feeling of a full faced helmet, you may want to consider buying a retro motorcycle helmet. These are also known as vintage helmets. They are popular because they do not constrict air flow around your face. Keep in mind however that these helmets may not be as safe. The reason for this is because they are only attached with a single chin strap. During motorcycle falls, your helmet can come loose and fall off your head. This can also cause more injury compared to not wearing any helmet. Properly fitted helmets should not move around when they are fully secured to your head.

Avoid buying black motorcycle helmets, whenever possible. Although Black is a very popular helmet color, they are very hard to see by other motorists. Insurance companies have stated that having brightly colored helmets can reduce your risks of being involved in a motorcycle accident. The reason for this is because cars typically do not check their blind spots for motorcycles when they are turning. Having a brightly colored helmet will increase the chances of you being seen by other motorists.

Avoid buying used helmets as well. Used helmets may have been abused by their previous owners. Even small impacts to the physical helmet can greatly affect the physical integrity. This can mean the difference between life or death during a motorcycle crash or fall.

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