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When roofing a house there are a lot of things to consider. One thing is the supplies it is going to take to roof your home. You will want to make sure to have everything you need before your start. The reason for this is that there is nothing more frustrating than getting up on the roof and having to stop midway through because you have forgotten something. If you are going to do a traditional asphalt shingle roof here are some of the materials you will need. (you might want to call some Salt Lake roofers to help assist you in gathering all the supplies for your particular house)

The first thing is the flashing and drip edge. Flashing is metal piece that goes on a roofs valleys and eaves and around chimneys. It helps protect water from being able to penetrate into the interior of a home. Normal flashing usually comes in a silver color. Some people leave it this color while others don’t like the glaring off their roof so they will paint it the save color of as their shingles. The drip edge a metal that goes under the shingles around the edge where the gutter will eventually sit underneath it. This just helps protect the plywood from any water.

Next you will need shingles. Depending on what type of look you are going for will depend on what type of shingles to look at. You will also want to pay attention to the different years shingles have.

Next you will need roofing nails. These are the nails that are going to hold your shingles in place. You will want to make sure that you find out how many nails to put in each shingle, this way you will pass code as well as not lose any loose shingles.

These are just the basic Roofing Supplies that you will need. They can tell you exactly what you need and what will work best for your roof.

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