Safely Heating Your Home Without Your Furnace

There are less expensive ways to heat your home without using your furnace. Using your furnace is inefficient because you must run it to heat almost every room in your home. If you would take the opportunity to be a little selective about which rooms you decide to heat, you will find your energy usage would go way down, you would save yourself some money, and you would reduce your carbon footprint.

So, what are some alternative ways to heat your home?

First thing you are going to want to do is find any drafts that might be coming into your house and fix them up. You will always have a hard time keeping your house warm if the warm air is escaping to the outside.

After that, hire a professional and have some electric ceiling heaters installed in a few rooms of your home – particularly the bathrooms. These heaters are perfect for quickly warming a room for a short time while you are in there. Keep the door closed while you are in there, or it will keep running trying to heat the rest of the home. Ceiling heaters are also great for guest rooms and home offices, or any room that doesn’t get used a whole lot.

An attractive heater for a living room, family room, or den area is a ventless gas fireplace. They are very energy efficient provided you purchase the right size heater for the room you are warming. Something that is very appealing about them is that you don’t need to install ventilation for them, because as their name suggests, they are ventless. You will need someone who can work with running gas lines through the walls, but following that, the only thing needed is to connect the hoses and proceed to decorate it!

Both of these options are safe and effective ways to heat your home and save yourself some money on energy costs.

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