Sample breastfeeding diet mothers should avoid

The food a breastfeeding mother takes is passed directly to her baby. This is the reason why a mother should be careful on what she eats making sure she eats healthy foods, if possible organic grown foods. A nursing mother should avoid the sample breastfeeding diet that can have negative impact on her baby. The following are the sample breastfeeding diets to be avoided according to Robert Rountree and Melissa block book “The new breastfeeding diet plan”.

The foods that have monosodium glutamate should be avoided. They include canned soups, salad dressings and sauces vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated or shortened such as Crisco and the likes. Cookies, cake, cookie mixes and chips are food groups which contain hydrogenated oil and should also be avoided. These food groups are cooked using excess hydrogenated oils. The use of liquid corn or soybean oils is not recommended because they become rancid in the skillet.

Meat substitutes made from soy are high in monosodium glutanate making them unfavorable. Food stuffs that contain cotton seed oils should be avoided because the oil has been known to be contaminated with pesticides. Foods that are packaged or frozen contain hydrogenated oils which make them to go on the no list zone as well. Sodas and factory juice drinks contain high levels of fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, thus should be avoided. The food drug administration has been receiving many complaints about some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which causes mysterious symptoms.

The chemical artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and NutraSweet should be avoided even in foods contained. The safe artificial sweeteners include xylitol and stevia. Flaxseed oil goes bad quickly and should be substituted with ground flaxseed. When the above mentioned foods and food ingredients are eliminated by a nursing mother, she is bound to have many benefits.

Women engaged in a lose weight while breastfeeding program tend to use the above mentioned food stuffs. There are many other food categories that can be substituted for the ones used in a lose weight while breastfeeding program for a healthy experience.

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