What To Spend More On, and What To Spend Less On For Cloth Diapering

You can save a lot of money using cloth diapers. On the other hand, you have to spend more initially for cloth diapers than disposables. There are some areas of cloth diapering where you can spend less. In other areas, I suggest spending more to get quality stuff. Below are my suggestions. You have to ask yourself what you actually need for your newborn.

You may want to spend a bit more for organic cloth diapers. The reasons being, they are better for your baby, and better for the environment. Conventional cotton growing makes up about 50% of the world’s pesticide use.

Organic Cloth Diapers

Organic cloth diapers will likely last longer, since they are made of more durable fibers. Most of them will be super soft too–softer than regular cloth diapers.

Quality Baby Wipes

We were willing to spend more on good quality, cotton baby wipes.  We went with the conventional, and they were still super soft. Since you’ll be wiping your baby a lot, you want to use soft materials, to keep them more comfortable, and to keep down irritation.

Diaper Detergent

It’s worth spending more, if you have to, on a good cloth diaper detergent. The best cloth diaper detergent is the one that works best for you, but is also safe for your baby. However, you can get really good detergent, and still not spend more. You might even save money.

Receiving Blankets

You can cut spending on receiving blankets.  You don’t need to get really “good” receiving blankets.  Look for the most inexpensive ones.

Save Money With Reusable Swim Diapers

You will save money if you get reusable swim diapers, instead of disposable ones.  Reusable ones are more efficient.  They are sturdier, and they fit better.  That amounts to less leaking.  Like cloth diapers, even though the cost of the one reusable is more than one disposable, once you have that one reusable one, you won’t have to buy another. You’ll save a good amount, especially if you frequent the pool.

Natural Diaper Cream

I highly recommend using a natural diaper cream.  It’s worth spending more on this.  Get something with Calendula, even if it means spending just a few extra dollars. Calendula is conducive to healing.

Consider getting some less expensive diaper covers to save some money. Some people spend a lot on a few diaper covers, and then they realize that they don’t fit well on their baby.

Since covers don’t sit directly on baby’s skin, it’s not necessary to get organic ones.

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