Scheduling Your Meals for Your Workouts

One of the basic tips on handling meals in order to lose weight quick is to eat small sized meals 6 times a day instead of feasting on 3 full meals. If you are on a weight loss plan, make to have your little meals scheduled based on your exercise program and what time you will be doing them. If your stomach is empty, do not take work outs or any form of exercise that takes more than 20 minutes.

The body will utilize the calories earned from your latest meals. If there is no meal to pull the calories from, it will use the calories from the body’s muscle tissues. That would make your effort on developing your muscles as useless. It won’t do any good on you weight loss plan because the body will develop a defense to face another famine like this which is to store as much calories and fats as it could, the body actually helps that it is protecting you well in fact it’s the culprit to your plan.

This reaction of the body makes you crave for sweets and foods that are high in calories. If your work out lasts for more that 20 minutes, make sure to eat 2 hours before the session begins to provide your body enough energy for the entire exercise.

Do not eat immediately after the session because at this time, the fat cells are producing fatty acids which goes to the bloodstream and is being transported to the muscles and is converted to energy. 30 minuets after your work out, take a meal which contains full protein food and healthy carbohydrates.

The protein the meal will be the source of amino acids which is needed for the body to fix what ever damages had been made to the tissues. Carbohydrates on the other hand provide the energy that the body needs to perform the repair process.

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