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Silk Pillow Cases – What Makes The Best Ones

Silk pillow case shopping can provide a shopper with far too many options and factors to consider.  When looking at momme weight, thread count, the kind of silk, where it is made and other factors, some shoppers begin to be discouraged.  While important, most of those things can be set aside by focusing on the feel of the pillow case.  It is the feel of the silk pillow case that will make you smile every time you lay down to sleep.

Mulberry silk and charmeuse silk are more than likely the kinds of silk that one will run into when shopping for the best silk pillow cases.  If that’s what you find, then great – most silk pillow cases are made from this and, all other factors being equal, they will make you happy.  However if they state they are made from a different kind of silk, be sure you know what you are getting into.

Thread count and momme weight are often used by marketers to make things sound fancy or complex, but they really aren’t.  Thread count should be above 400, but paying for 1500 thread count silk pillow case sets won’t make them 4 times better than the 400 count ones.  In all honesty it is overkill.  As for momme weight – if it is listed and it’s between 16 and 19 then there is nothing to worry about.  If it is not listed, then there is nothing to worry about wither because it will be between 16 and 19.

Although momme weight, thread count and the kind of silk are important, they all work together to make the feel of the pillow case.  It is the feel of the silk pillow case that you will look forward to sleeping against every night, not the other stuff.  Make sure to put your hands on more than ones set of silk pillow cases before you buy so you can see how different ones feel.  If you can’t touch them, make sure you can return them.  If that’s not possible, take your silk pillow case search elsewhere.

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