Silver Charms For Bracelets

Silver charm bracelets have been extremely popular pieces of jewelry for many years now. If you were to have a look back through history, you will see that charm bracelets go back as far as the ancient Egyptians. When the original charm bracelets were made, every charm that they had, had a unique meaning. Sometimes the bracelet was used to try and tell a story, each charm would tell a different part of the tale.

If you will be giving the charm bracelet to someone as a gift then the charms you have on it could mark specific events in their life. There are many other silver charms for bracelets of course, that have got a more general meaning, these charms will normally be the most common ones.

The four leaf clover is used to show off good luck. The four leaf clover has its roots in Celtic, Irish culture, and a four leaf clover of any type was, and still is, thought to bring good luck. Like real luck, four leaf clovers are extremely rare, it is said that there is one one four leaf clover out of every ten thousand three leaf clovers. The early church took the names of the leaves from what the Pagans had given them and changed them to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and Gods Grace for the fourth leaf.

If you live in the Middle or Far East, or in Africa an elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom. In the U.S an elephant with a raised trunk is thought to be lucky. These silver charms are a lot or common in the East though.

The people of the Christian church like their charms to feature Guardian Angels or their Patron Saints or the number 7. In Latin American countries and Europe these bracelets are really popular. It is said that the number 7 is lucky because it is “Gods Number” and it is the same number of days as the Creation, The Guardian Angels are taken from the Bible, both the New and Old Testaments.

In China and England it is thought that both the cat and the wishbone are lucky. In China they see the cat as being naturally lucky, but the English get the belief that they are lucky from ancient Celtic and Saxon traditions.

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