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Some Common Weight Loss Myths

Trying to lose weight is hard enough on its own and it doesn’t help when there are so many preconceptions and myths that cloud the subject.  You always have to be careful about which fast weight loss tips you want to follow because of some of them might not be based in fact.  If you go down the wrong path you can end up damaging your metabolism to the point where weight loss becomes even harder.  Here are some of the most common myths to be aware of.

1.  There are foods that can help you burn fat.  There are healthy foods, there are nutritious foods, but there are no foods that are going to help you to burn everything you eat faster.  This would be akin to a miracle cure that would solve everyone’s problems if it existed, but rest assured that it does not.

2.  High protein/low carbohydrate diets are harmless.  When you think about the nature of this type of diet, it really is hard to imagine that it can be healthy and all.  Remember that just because something helps you to lose weight doesn’t mean that is the best thing for your body, and this type of diet is definitely in that category.

3.  It’s OK to skip meals.  While it might seem harmless to skip breakfast or maybe even lunch, your body is a delicate piece of machinery that needs to be fed on a regular basis.  If you skip breakfast you will just make yourself hungrier throughout the day and more likely to over-eat before you go to bed.  You don’t necessarily have to eat less often and it’s actually better if you can keep up your metabolism by having healthy snacks throughout the day.  You are also free to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you never have to feel hungry while trying to aim for fat loss. More tips and advice can be found at

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