Some New Designs in Equipment to Align your Spine with

A lot of people who suffer from back pain are seeking the help of care services and equipment that are not associated with the traditional medical field. Among some of the equipment items being used to help relieve back strain you will see the Portable Back Stretcher. This type of device has a metal frame made out of lightweight aluminum so the total item only weighs about five pounds. The frame comes with several interlocking sections that extend for use and push in again for placing in the convenient carrying case.

The stretcher will have areas where you place your feet and upper handles for your hands to hold while you are in a position of lying on the ground. The function of this device is to stretch the vertebrae of the spine so they will fall back into proper alignment. Most back pain comes from an improperly aligned spine, which places unnecessary stress on the surrounding muscles. By pushing on the sections created for your feet the device stretches your spine so it can realign all the connecting vertebrae. This type of product is different than an inversion table, which often requires a degree of assembly to set up.

The ez up inversion system is one that uses a rack and gravity boots to create the reversed angle of the body. The EZ system uses a simple metal structure that can be installed in any door frame to create the unit you will hang from. This is a one step installation process that is much easier than some of the larger tables designed to provide the same function. The boots are actually padded cuffs that wrap around the ankles. There are sturdy straps that attach the cuffs to the metal bars of the unit to allow you to be suspended in an upside down manner.

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