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Some New Kitchen Gadgets for Making Food

Every once in a while there is a new gadget introduced to the public for cooking a particular type of food they could usually only get in a restaurant. This is true for the wok, which was made popular because of its ability to cook foods fresh leaving most of the nutrients inside. A traditional wok is placed over a burner on a stove in the same manner as using a frying pan. The bottom surface is made to heat quickly and evenly, which allows for the fast cooking of foods. The new electric woks are designed to be used independent of needing a stove surface.

The new electric woks can be placed on any table or counter surface and come with an attached cord that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. They operate in much the same manner as an electric frying pan, but still cook foods in a quick and healthy manner. The wok from Presto comes with a stainless steel base and clear glass lid. The base includes side handles for making the unit more stable, by holding onto it while turning foods inside. The Breville Gourmet wok comes with a non-stick interior surface and has fifteen different settings you control with the handy setting knob.

Another countertop machine used in the home is the donut maker. This convenient snack making appliance is designed in the same way a waffle maker is designed. The interior section has molded cut outs of the donut shape so all you need to do is pour your batter inside, close the lid and wait for them to cook. The various machines will come with the ability to make one, six or even twelve donuts at a time. The interior sections are made with a non-stick surface and the outer material may be a stainless steel or the new plastic that remains cool to the touch.

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