Stay In Shape With The Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

When having an active lifestyle, it is important to workout effectively. Many athletes find that after working out for a period of time, they cease to see any results. They no longer burn fat or develop muscle. This is called the plateau. In order to continue seeing results, the body must be continually challenged. One way to be sure the body is working hard is to use the Polar FT80 heart rate monitor.

Many exercise enthusiasts are using this device to track and monitor their progress. It attaches to the wrist and looks like a regular wristwatch. The design is sleek and sporty, perfect for both men and women. The screen is large and easy to see, with a clear LED display. There are many features that set the Polar FT80 heart rate monitor apart from other devices. It has all the convenient applications like calories burned and heart rate. This device also allows the user to set personalized goals. The athlete can set the monitor for a specific target heart rate. It is also water resistant, allowing swimmers to also take advantage of this amazing technology. The transmitter is comfortable without wiring for the transmission of data. It fits over the chest and comes in 2 size ranges. It will fit a 22-32 inch chest or a 27-54 in chest. Over one hundred files can be stored on the device, giving a very accurate and detailed picture of an athlete’s progress. The wrist band comes in black with silver trim. Many diff
erent exercise routines can benefit from a high quality heart rate monitor.

For those looking for an accurate way to track progress, the Polar FT80 heart rate monitor is just the thing. With a number of advanced features, an athlete can ensure that they are working hard and making progress. It is comfortable, sleek, and stylish.

Take a look at Polar FT80 heart rate monitor watch black or Polar RS300X.

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