String Lighting in Gardens

If you decide to light up your garden, how do you know which lights to choose? Specifically, how can you find the right balance between outdoor durability and garden decoration? The good news for garden owners is that there is a full line of lighting solutions which are made to work with gardens. Not only are they made to stay in good condition in an assortment of weather conditions, but they look good as well. They are often designed around a certain garden theme, whether it be animals, bugs, or plants. A very flexible and universal type of garden light is known as the string light.

String lighting is commonly used around the holiday season, although it has applications year round in garden environments. String lights are made from a long wire coated in plastic. Along this wire is a series of light bulbs which can be LED or incandescent. The LED string lights are bright and energy efficient, saving money on garden lighting bills. In fact, solar string lights use LED light bulbs exclusively and do not use any power from your home at all.

There are no specific rules on where a person should put string lights in their garden. This is due to the fact that string lights are very versatile and can be applied to creative applications. For example, someone with a lot of bushes or trees in their garden could wrap the lights around the plant’s limbs. Someone with a gazebo or awning could readily mount the string light to the edge of the structure. String lights are not especially effective at lighting large areas, but are more suited for decorative purposes. Varying the colors and tones can be quite effective at setting a certain mood. The mount easily using clips or can wrap around many objects.

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