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Styling a Home with Wood Corner Shelves

There are few things more elegant than well-crafted wood. By adding a little detail and finish to any kind of furniture made of wood, you’ve created something that will draw eyes and questions from guests for years to come. And if you want that wood somewhere that’s easy for people to see and remark on, you’re not going to do much better than wood corner shelves. These shelves are out for everyone to see, they’re a perfect spot to decorate, and they’re easy to install – so what could be better?

So what are wood corner shelves anyway? Just like they sound, they’re triangle-shaped shelves that go in the corner of a room. You attach them to the studs in the corner and away you go. Perfect. And even more importantly, easy to install. You just find a couple studs and you’re all set. It’s basic carpentry that takes maybe an hour or so.

Once you have the base up, you can look into the decorating. I’ve seen many houses with basic shelving units, and they look fine. But if you add a little flair to the wood, or just put some decorations on the shelf itself, you’ll end up with something that has a lot more physical beauty to it. Common choices are pictures, plants, and candles, which make for a great starting point when you get your shelf up.

Finally, one of the biggest things to note with wood shelves are that they draw eyes to them. When you set one up, you may as well take for granted that everyone will be looking at them when in the room. So keep that in mind when decorating them.

If you want a shelf that you know everyone will look at, a wood corner shelf is an excellent choice. It’s beautiful, it draws eyes, and it’s easy to install.

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