Suppressing Dust the Easy Way

One of the big problems with the manufacturing process in industries such as making concrete and the mining industry is the generation of dust. The fine dust particles that are thrown into the air which then proceed to hang around causing breathing problems and making it difficult to breathe must somehow be quickly removed or settled.

A very effective way in which dust can be quelled is with outdoor misting systems. This system uses water that is jetted through misting nozzles to form a fine water mist. The mist droplets are an effective way to bring the dust under control and the reason it is successful is because the water droplets are similar in size to the size of the dust particles.

The reason why the droplets match the size of the dust particles is because when they are the same size the dust is attracted to the water and when they merge together the dust becomes too heavy to remain airborne. The result is that the agglomeration sinks to the ground and the air becomes clear. The mist is quick acting and it is completely risk free for the people working in the area. Not only that, the presence of the mist provides a natural form of cooling that makes the work site even more comfortable to work in.

This method of suppressing dust is a low cost system that only uses a small amount of water thanks to the tiny size of the holes in the misting nozzles. The only cost, apart from the cost of the water, is the cost to run the pump so that the water is released under high pressure.

By using a dust clearing method like this the company actually saves money due to the productivity gains that it makes because of the improved working conditions. Every dust suppression method can be tailored so that it suits the specific type and size of dust that is produced.

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