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Swivel Wooden Bar Stools For The Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Manhattan chef who gets inspired to create new recipes in the wee hours of the morning before the markets open sipping coffee on a stool in a SoHo loft or if you’re a Chicago detective who nurses a hangover with tomato juice and Tabasco while trying not to swivel on a stool – wooden bar stools are part of the kitchens across America, and part of lifestyles that are very different. Here are a few of such very different stool lifestyles. Perhaps one is the kitchen counter bar stool that suits you:

A Moment with Your Manhattan Cappuccino or Espresso

If you have chic Manhattan kitchen, perhaps with stainless steel countertops and islands with natural wood accents, and enjoy a quiet solitary moment with a cappuccino or espresso while reading the paper, I suggest you may appreciate the wooden and chrome swivel bar stools that are crafted by Holland Bar Stool Co. The sleek, curved, chrome legs of these backless stools support a round pine seat on which to twirl or sit still. There’s also another design called the Misha III, also a backless wooden stool with curved chrome legs – modern yet with a hint of natural.

Solid with No Granola In Sight

Perhaps there’s no perfect definition of what constitutes a modern Chicago style kitchen, but if you ask some people Chicago has an air of classic, solid wood counters and wooden pub stools that can stand up to a few stiff drinks. They’re places where real men can watch sports or where, in the privacy of a well built kitchen, they can tend to a hangover with a good breakfast for eggs and bacon and sausage and hash browns….none of that granola stuff….and the solid wooden bar stool like the Boraam Georgia, Agusta or Palmetto designs are ideal. Rich, sturdy cherry wood with palmetto or brandy finishes and thick upholstered seats. Choose backless models or the ones with more support.

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