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Symptoms of Celiac Disease – Info

Celiac disease is a disorder in the small intestine that can affect people in of all ages. It is essentially caused by the protein gluten, which can be found in a number of grains. Other names of this disease are gluten intolerance, gluten enteropathy, and celiac sprue.

Recognizing celiac disease symptoms can be difficult because individuals may mix them up with other stomach problems. There are far more people suffering from celiac disorder than is reported and some people may have this disease for years before doctors even realize it. Often it is difficult to determine the disease based solely on the symptoms because they are the same as many other stomach problems.

There are many different symptoms for celiac disease and it is considered a multi-symptom disorder. It is often mistaken for bowel problems, but bowel symptoms are not always associated with celiac problems. Someone suffering from celiac disorder may experience cramping and diarrhea. Other celiac symptoms may include depression and constant fatigue, which may be very severe for older victims. There are so many potential symptoms that it is almost impossible to list all of them. However, some symptoms are more common than others, so if an individual is suffering from one or more of them, it is a good chance they have this disease.

Ulcers Stomach ulcers are not associated with the small intestine, however, a disorder may cause ulcers in the mouth.
Lactose Intolerance Some people are born lactose intolerant but someone with celiac disorder may suddenly become intolerant of dairy products.
Stomach Pains Cramping and pain in the abdomen may be associated with multiple stomach problems, so dont base your judgment solely on this symptom.

Bloating and Distention This condition sometimes happens if you eat foods that are past expiry dates. However, you should consult a doctor is the individual experiences bloating for more than a few days.

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