The Best Fish Oil Supplements

Although oily fishes are great sources of fish oil, sometimes eating them is not enough to obtain the nutritional benefits of fish oil. For these reason, many companies have started manufacturing fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements are also produced from fishes like salmon, mackerel tuna and sardines. However due to the increasing issues on pollution, many opt to take in supplements instead. Many believe that consuming fish oil supplements is much safer due to the purification techniques being applied to remove the mercury and other toxins from the fish.

However, it will still be important to have deeper knowledge and understanding about these supplements in order to assure its quality. Though fish oil supplements are processed, extra careful must also be taken since some may contain contaminants that may bring danger to health. Choosing the right fish oil supplements from a reputable supplier or manufacturer should never be overlooked. It is important that the manufacturer list the type of fishes used in manufacturing the supplement. Better think twice in buying the brand if these are not indicated on the label. There are manufacturers that tend to use cheap fishes and eventually put its safety at risk. Cod fish, Atlantic salmon, and shark are some of the least safe and the best source is found to be the New Zealand Hoki fish because of the low toxins present in the water in which it swims.

To mask the taste and odor of the spoiled fish oil from which these supplements are produced, some manufacturers add artificial flavorings and fragrances. Others used these extracts to extend the shelf life. It will also be important to note on the total amount of Omega 3 that the fish supplement contains. DHA and EPA content as well as Omega 6 should also be considered.

Like fish oil obtained from oily fishes, fish oil supplements offer the same health benefits. These supplements can help prevent some types of heart diseases. They are also important in maintaining a healthy skin as they improve the skin moisture content. Even the hair texture, strength and appearance can be improved by taking in fish supplements.

To optimize these health benefits, it is necessary to take in the right dosage. There could be possible side effect like nausea and diarrhea and stomach upset. This is why it is important to know these supplements before taking them. Being extra careful of its quality and right amount is a very healthful tip.

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