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The Best Fish Recipes for Your Portable BBQ

For many budget-conscious campers, a portable BBQ is the only type of outdoor cooking device they can afford. Don’t let that discourage you though. You can still prepare sumptuous and healthy dishes when you use any of the recipes listed below.
Let’s start with ahi tuna, which is also known as yellow fin tuna by the way. It’s the kind of fish that you don’t normally cook at home, isn’t it? But don’t let that intimidate you. Ahi tuna is actually one of the easiest fish to grill because it has a lot of similarities with grilled meat.
For starters, ahi tuna is a very forgiving fish, thanks to its considerable meatiness. Unlike other fish, which can only survive in gentle heat, ahi tuna can still turn out well if you grill it in high heat. Just remember to keep it to medium-rare or medium. Anything beyond that could reduce your fish to a dry piece of meat.
Also, if you’re thinking of glazing your fish, most people prefer to use honey lime when glazing ahi tuna.
Swordfish is another favorite choice among outdoor cooks. Like ahi tuna, they have the necessary moisture to make them survive even high-heat grilling. Meaty fish like swordfish is also easier to handle. You won’t have to worry too much about flipping since it’s likely to stay intact even if you flip your fish a little too strongly.
Similar to halibut, swordfish also works well with a wide variety of sauces and marinades. A lot of people like to use ginger citrus with grilled swordfish but don’t be afraid to explore your choices.
In the event that you can’t use fresh swordfish and you need to use something frozen, don’t worry. You can still salvage your recipe. Just remember to let it slowly thaw. Pat it dry afterwards using paper towels and then brush the fish with oil before grilling. And remember you cant buy cheap fish or it ruins the whole thing.

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