The Best Protein Supplement for You

Some people think that, because all protein supplements have the same basic function, they are all interchangeable and it doesn’t matter which one they use at which time. But although it is true that the point of every protein supplement is to provide your body with a concentrated dose of protein exactly when it needs it, there are many different forms of protein and a different supplement for each, depending on what your needs are. This article will give you a brief overview of the different kinds of supplements to help you determine the best protein supplement for you.

The first type of supplement is premixed protein shakes. These are often under designer brands such as Muscle Milk, and they come in either plastic or glass bottles, ready to drink, with the nutritional values posted right on the container. They are the most expensive type, and they also rarely contain as much protein as a mix-it-yourself shake, but they are extremely convenient and you can drink them right away without any preparation.

The second type is protein powders, to which you add your own liquid and mix using a protein shaker, blender or simply by stirring. We find that protein powders are the best option for most people because they cost the least per gram of protein and aren’t a hassle to prepare, though they do take some preparation on the part of the athlete. They also have some customizability because you can add any kind of liquid you want, from water to milk to your favorite flavor of thirst quencher, though this last option might be gross.

The third type of protein supplement is the protein bar, which is also the most convenient, but the most expensive per gram of protein. Protein bars are great because you can take them anywhere without worrying about spills, but they also cost a lot of money for relatively little protein compared to the other options.

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