The Double Futon Sofa Bed as a Sofa or a Bed

Double futons are now becoming a popular addition to the living room rather than that of the traditional opinion of it being just the usual furniture in a dormitory. Basing on your choice and necessity a double futon sofa bed can look just as pleasant as any other fixtures in your home. Here are the primary components of a futon bed:

You would want to make a careful choice in a futon’s mattress since it could be your sofa seat and bed at the same time. A mattress that is too hard or overly soft would be inconvenient to sleep on. You can choose from wool or cotton to a foam that will have an extra firmness offering an exceptionally supple and relaxed surface for your comfortable slumber. Nowadays, there are also pillow-topped mattresses that are already available in the market for futons that can provide extra comfort for sleeping and seating. Decide early on whether you need a double or single futon mattress.

The Bed Frame

Two of the most popular choices for futon bed frames are metal and wood. If you want to have a high-end look that could complement the design of your room you can go for a bi-fold wooden frame. The bi-fold frame is better than the tri-fold ones because they often have a glider and roller that allow you to fold and unfold the futon bed with ease.

Metal frames, on the other hand, are just as fabulous but more affordable than wood. A futon bed with a black pipe-style frame and arm rests would complement greatly a contemporary room adorned with parallel black furniture. The futon doesn’t really have to be a blot on the landscape most especially if you’ve chosen the right style and frame – something that would really match your home design. If in the future you decide to redesign your home, you can just simply toss a new mattress cover to fit it into your new décor.

The Size

The most popular size sold today for futons is the double while the full-size mattress would measure up to 54”x75”. This could seat up to three persons and could sleep comfortably two people. There is also the queen futon that has a larger mattress which is about 5” more compared to the full-size one. However, this might make the folded futon bed look a bit of awkward since the back tends to extend higher. The queen futon is also bulkier and heavier leaving people to choose double futons instead because of its perfect and soothing size. There are also some who would like to make their double futons longer than wider so they purchase longer mattresses as well – doubling the size without adding any more width.

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