The Geo Tracker Mini-SUV

There are quite a bit of interesting facts about the Geo Tracker. It is a mini SUV. They were first brought out to the public in 1988. They are very popular vehicles. All the Trackers that were built in 1989 were built in Japan and then imported to the United States. The engine of the Tracker is 1.6 L 14 95 hp. The transmission was either the 5 speed manual and the 3 speed automatic and then the 4 speed automatic. They came in either two doors or four doors. The height of the two doors was 65 inches. The four doors were 65.7 inches high. The Geo Tracker parts that were used were high quality products. ┬áSome people really liked to trip out their Tracker, so it’s really easy to find things like high lift Geo Tracker suspension kits and other performance parts.

The Geo Tracker is considered a sport utility vehicle. Over the years the names have been a little different. It is still known as the Tracker but it isn’t also Geo. In some productions of the vehicle it is known as the Chevrolet Tracker. It is also known as a Jimmy. It was also known as a sidekick. In the United States the production of the Trackers were discontinued in 2004. Although in some countries like Argentina and Brazil the Trackers are still being produced.

Some of the great features that come inside of the Geo Tracker would be the stereo that is inside of it. It may have a cassette player and it may have a CD player inside of this. There are also some other ones with many great features like GPS and tracking systems. Some colors that the Trackers may come in are black, red, and blue, silver. The Tracker was a very popular vehicle, many people loved them. Many people still own a tracker, or are looking to buy one. You can find everything you are looking for in a Geo Tracker if you know what you are looking for and you know exactly what you want.

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