The hardware for social conditioning

Individuals have their whims and desires, and society couldn’t exist if all individuals chose to act like single independent cells. Luckily, humans come out of the factory equipped with a very simple manner of infusing social conditioning into people, even without the use of cool letters. This is also why pua tips aren’t included in your high school subjects. People say it isn’t nice to do the things we do. Moreover, society would probably collapse if all men were to become as sexually active as they wanted.

Human babies are born with a very specific difference to other mammal babies. Great part of the development other animals undergo in utero will only happen for babies after they are born. Any specific biology book will cover this in detail. Thus, a huge deal of a person’s development will relate directly to how he or she was raised by their parents. Their home environment, the way they interact, what the baby comes in contact with, and how the baby is allowed to develop. In other words, the epidemic of ADHD and similar disorders, such as depression and panic attacks.

A toddler is sitting on top of the kitchen table, in his toddler chair, while his mommy is baking a cake just for the fun of it. He makes a squeaky baby noise to get his mother’s attention, she looks at him. He waves a toy in the air, making a happy face. His mommy smiles back. Both their brains are synchronized just like that dropbox application. This little conversation is the prototype of all social conditioning.

Members of cavemen tribes would expel ill-behaved members. This also happens for certain primates, but in the case of cavemen this meant death. This behavior is present even in today’s world. Teenagers look for tribes. People who try to act different will invariably be ignored.

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