The Importance of Sterile HCG Supplies

Weight loss products come in many forms. If you want to purchase HCG, the most effective form is the injectable. The hormone is absorbed more because the subcutaneous tissue has more blood vessels than the area under the tongue. Although the oral administration is also effective for HCG dieting, it requires more hormones because the absorption percentage is lower. If you think there is no reason (other than fear of needles) for you not to go with subcutaneous administration, then this is the most recommended route to take HCG for weight loss.

The preparation and administration of the hormone requires sterile HCG diet supplies. Sterile means the item must be free from any germs or microorganisms. When you purchase HCG and its supplies, make sure that everything is sealed and that it is not broken. If there is any puncture in the packaging, that means the supply is not sterile anymore and you should either have it replaced or refunded.

Why should these items be sterile? Just like in hospitals or clinics, we are trying to avoid cases of infection of the injection site. Infection from this case occurs when disease-causing microorganisms enter through the skin through the needle. Some pathogens that may be relatively harmless to a normal person may pose a risk on somebody else, especially if they have a weaker immune system.

This is not a reason to be afraid of the injection route. The reason HCG diet supplies are sterile is to avoid any instance of infection or even a slight swelling. If you want to be extra careful, use soap and water to wash your hands and the area where you will inject the hormone. Most of the HCG packages also come with alcohol swab so that the site is virtually germ-free. You will feel assured that only weight loss and nothing else out of the expected results will take place.

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