The Many Advantages of Solar Power

Some people would say that our country, and even our planet, is facing a mounting energy crisis.  This is due to the fact that fossil fuels are running out.  We will eventually have no oil to heat our homes and run our vehicles.  Fossil fuels are a limited natural resource, and we will need alternative energy sources to replace them.

Alternative energy sources to fossil fuels include nuclear power, solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and biofuels.  Some of these sources are renewable energy sources.  Renewable energy is attractive as a solution to the energy crisis because we won’t be limited by a finite resource.  Limited supply of anything keeps costs up, whereas with wind and solar power, the energy sources are free.

Of the many advantages of solar power, a few stand out.  First of all, sun light is free.  There isn’t a tax on it.  The only costs associated with solar power are the initial installation costs, and transporting the power over long distances.  But becuase the source is the sun, which shines everywhere, the light can be harvested locally.  This would cut down on moving the electricity from one area to another.

Another advantage of solar power is that sunlight is vitually unlimited.  If the sun were to burn out, we would have worse problems than energy.  It isn’t going to burn out anytime soon, so it will be renewed with the rise of each new day.

Another example of the advantages of solar energy is that it doesn’t pollute like fossil fuels.  Solar power harvests sun light by using photovoltaic cells and in turn converts the light into electricity.  This process doesn’t require combustion and doesn’t produce harmful by products or emissions.  It is a truly ‘green’ energy source.

Solar power has the ability to eventually become a major part in our quest to solve the mounting energy crisis.

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