The New Charm Necklaces

After the motherhood ring and family necklace, the charm necklace has emerged as a popular favorite. The silver charm necklace has a small ring on one end so silver charms will go over it. This allows for charms to be added or removed at will. For those who prefer it, there is also a gold charm necklace. In either case, the charms for necklaces are designed with holes large enough to fit over the chain end.

It is also possible to hang sterling silver enamel charms on the charm necklace. These charms are the ones available at jewelry stores, gift stores and souvenir shops everywhere in the US and abroad. The silver enamel charms add color to the gold or silver charm necklaces that might otherwise be missing.

By using the enameled charms, the possibilities for charms for necklaces multiplies considerably. Although these charms must have a jump ring to be added to a charm necklace, there are so many more available that you are bound to need a few to represent your life or interests. And for those with gold charm necklaces, there are gold enamel charms to match at jewelry stores.

Get an enamel charm from the places you visit and to represent the important moments in your life. You may also find enamel charms to represent the animals, flowers and other items on your favorites list. Look for these in any store, as they turn up in many places. Add them to your charm necklace, and watch it begin to record your life story.

As you look for charms to add to your charm necklace, don’t forget to look at charm bracelets. Vintage charm bracelets for sale at second-hand venues may have charms that fit your life and charm necklace, and they may be slightly better quality. Or you can add ones that you like for that reason alone. Anything does on your charm necklace.

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