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The Two Basic Designs for Today’s Pom Poms

If you are the parent of a teen or young adult, you might have a child interested in cheerleading or other spirit promoted activities. These afterschool groups are a great way for children to learn socialization skills while having fun. Children on a cheerleading squad, drill team or in a pom pom group, need to have cheerleading pom poms to use with their activity. There are two basic designs used for creating these fun cheering accessories. There is the standard round design that is commonly seen in the sports bag of most cheerleaders and other cheering groups.

The other design is the rooter poms, which is usually used by people not on a specific group who also want to root for their team. This is an elongated style, where the stands do not form a circle, but are left as long hanging streamers. There will be a center portion that usually has a plastic handle or long plastic stick with which to hold your pom. These two styles are available in a wide selection of colors that include styles with special color variations. School oriented poms will have the school colors added as two or three layers in the pom.

You will see these available in colors associated with certain groups or organizations such as the pink rooters designed for cancer awareness. The various poms are also widely used in dance groups to create a special effect to a routine. Many poms come with added effects to help enhance their appeal such as the styles with glitter added or the rooters with candy container stick handles. You can even purchase very small poms called finger poms. The assorted styles are available with the streamer materials in different lengths, which can range from four inches to eight inches. Using these poms are a great way to show your support and enthusiasm for any sport or event you are watching.

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