The Versatile, Easy to Transport Shade Solution – The Portable Sun Shade

If you’re looking for respite from the heat of the sun on sunny days, using an umbrella or standing in the shade of a building or tall tree is just not convenient. Sun shade umbrellas can be large and heavy and difficult to erect if you’re not somewhere with soft ground like a beach. One possible alternative is to use a portable sun shade that is inexpensive, easily folded up and carried and can be purchased in a range of colors, designs and sizes.

So what are portable pop up sun shades? These structures are a bit like normal camping tents but they only have three sides. They may come with or without a floor. You can buy different models that vary in style and size depending on your needs. Some sizes are large enough for five or six people and a table, whereas others are intended just for one person. Some models are particularly effective at sun protection because they are treated with a special UV coating that reflects sunlight more effectively. Other features that you may find include pockets for quick storage of times, additional structural support and shades that can be put to use in a range of outdoor situations as well as a normal trip to the beach.

The prices of these sun shades will vary depending on the size, materials and manufacturer of the sun shade. The top of the range models have more features such as adjustable heights, a thicker more sun resistant material and larger capacities to hold more people and are therefore more expensive. If you’re looking for a sun shade in this category, expect to pay between 100 and 200 dollars. You can buy shades like this from manufacturers such as ABO gear, REI and Eddie Bower.

Cheaper models are also available and usually have room for a couple of adults or 3 or 4 children. The cheaper versions tend to look more like normal camping tents with a wall or two missing. These structures often include floors and stay upright with poles that are possible to be dismantled and stored like the way you put away a normal camping tent. Some versions have windows or an optional wall that zips up to enclose the tent completely. These cheaper tents are usually in the range of 50 to 70 dollars, although it is possible to find very basic versions for as little as 30 dollars.

The real advantage of using a portable sun shade is their portability. All models pack down very small and can easily fit in your car and be taken anyway. Most varieties come with a carry case and the larger versions sometimes even come with wheeled cases. These shades are perfect for any outdoor activity or for any occasion where you are forced to sit in direct sunlight for a long period of time. You can buy portable sun shades from the aforementioned retailers in stores both online and offline. You can also find some great deals from retailers such as Amazon.com.

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