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Things To Consider Before Buying Cheap Soundproofing

Can Cheap Soundproofing Work?

When most people think of soundproofing, they imagine acoustical engineers, complicated formulas, and specialty contractors. While there is a place for all of those methods of soundproofing in large scale, high budget projects, there are a lot of things you can do for less than 100 dollars to make your home more soundproof than it is. Yes, it will be difficult to make your home “soundproof” completely without a few thousand dollars to buy soundproof materials, but, you can see a noticeable improvement in most cases with little or no investment.

The key to cheap soundproofing is managing expectations, and fixing problems in your home to aide in soundproofing rather than try to cover them up with the latest product on the market. Soundproofing progress is measured by a metric called the sound transmission class. In general, most home walls have an STC rating of 40 or less, while it is accepted that pretty much anything over 50 is soundproof. While you won’t likely get your walls much higher than 40 without additional investment, you can see that even a small improvement can make a big difference.

Types Of Soundproofing

By fixing soundproofing problems rather than seaching for quick solutions like soundproof curtains drapes, or blinds, we can not only save money but have more effective results. With that being said, the cheapest way to soundproof a room making it completely air tight. Most sounds travel through the air and into your room. Although it may seem like your room is already airtight, there are several problem areas common in modern construction. First, the gaps underneath the trim of window and door frames are notorious for transmitting sound. Second, the cavity in the walls behind power outlet boxes also usually have large air gaps. By filling these three areas with canned foam insulation, silicone, and fiberglass you can reduce the amount of noise entering your home significantly for under $10 dollars.

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