Three Types of Semi Inground Pools

Inground pools are a great item to add on your backyard. That can be fun for the children who can just jump into it and frolic in the summer days. The adults can enjoy them, too. They can also come handy when you hold outdoor poolside or barbeque parties. What is more, if you install one of these pools, the real estate value of your property will increase to a considerable amount, too.

There are mainly three variations when it comes to semi inground pools – the vinyl pools, the fiberglass pools and the concrete pools. There are advantages and downsides to all of them, so you must consider them carefully before making your decision. The fiberglass pool is the most expensive choice but it is also easy maintenance. Because of the inert nature of its composition, the pool does not gather algae. Thus you need to spend a lot less in chemical and maintenance costs. Moreover, the smooth and the non-abrasive finish ensures that your swimsuit would not get scraped or cut easily when you enjoy your time at the pool.  As for inground swimming pool designs, there are lots to choose from.

The vinyl lined pool is easy to install and is also the cheapest option. You can construct the pool in less than three weeks. During the winter months, you will have to drain away the water and put a cover onto it. However, there are drawbacks, the biggest of which is that the vinyl pool demands a lot of maintenance. You will have to replace the liner every few years. The vinyl pool can also form tears and holes and the material is also susceptible to algae formation.

If you want your pool to be custom designed, the concrete pool is the best choice. The concrete pools are very durable, too. However, on the downsides, the pool can take a god lot of time to build. And since the surface can get porous with use, there is greater risk of algae formation.

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