Tips for Mario Games

One of the nice things about Nintendo’s Super Mario Games is that they’re fairly consistent; you can easily carry over your experience from one to another. What have we learned over the years?

You can jump on anything, unless it has fire or spikes

From the lowly koopa trooper to the koopalings (Bowser’s kids), enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom can be defeated by jumping on them. While there are ample exceptions, up to and including the horned Bowser himself, hoping on heads is the accepted way to defeat the bad guys.

Hit ’em Hard and Fast

Stop a number of enemies in a row without touching the ground (or throw a turtle shell at them for the same effect) and you’ll rack up point after point…and eventually some extra lives. Become invulnerable using a star or do a multi-player ground pound in New Super Mario Bros Wii for the same effect. Whatever your method, hitting multiple enemies in quick succession pays dividends!

Look for Secret Areas

Whether it’s riding the quicksand or dropping down a pipe, secret areas abound. Two tips for finding them: try entering every pipe you come across, and watch the screen. If quicksand will kill you, for example, the screen will stop going down before he quite reaches the bottom; if it leads to a secret room, it will keep dropping and you’ll be able to see that there’s something down there. Explore unlikely areas, but be ready to hit the brakes and get out of there if your attempt doesn’t pan out, least Mario lose a life!

Here’s a quick easter egg for you, to round out the article. Enjoying New Super Mario Bros Wii? Try getting up to 99 lives (the maximum); at this point, Mario will lose his hat! Not to worry – he won’t stay bare-headed for long. As soon as he loses a life – not difficult to do in this game – his cap will return.

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