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Tips for Using RCI Points

Many people are enrolled in reward programs, but often they do not take full advantage of the benefits that are offered. This is certainly the case when it comes to the Wyndham system and RCI. A lot of people are part of the RCI network and own time share property, but do not no what to do when it comes to using Wyndham points.

A family vacation is something that is important, and having a time share makes this a reality for a lot of people. To maximize the points that you have, there are a few simple things that can be done. The more popular destinations will require more points. Going there during peak times will also cost more. If you are flexible as to the time of travel and destination, you can get a great vacation at a fraction of the cost of a more popular locale.

If you find that you are not going to travel for a year or two, you can use your RCI points towards maintenance fees on the timeshare. Every year, you are responsible for fees to keep the timeshare. Apply any unused points towards these fees and you can pay off a payment or two quite easily.

Finally, if the timeshare is something that you no longer wish to keep, there is the option to sell it. You will not always get the best return on a sale as there may be penalty fees involved depending on how mature the timeshare may be. If possible, a timeshare policy is a great gift to hand down to a family member when you are no longer going to use it.

With some simple steps, you can maximize your RCI points and have some great vacations. Your family will make memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

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