Try A Wintec Saddle

When it comes to choosing a saddle for your ride, there is a difference. The Wintec saddles have many advantages in their performance and the overall comfort of their ride. Ironically, this saddle from Wintec that is made from synthetic materials has a variety of features and advantages than some of the natural leather and hide saddles that other companies use. No matter what type of riding you do, Wintec has a great product for the comfort and performance of your horse and you, whether a rookie or a professional.

The advantages enjoyed by synthetic materials is not only comfort and performance, but also in upkeep and care. You will not need to wax, oil, or apply special lotions in order to keep your saddle supple and flexibly soft. These saddles made of synthetic material just need to be wiped off with water and soap. The material is waterproof, and they are also much lighter than natural leather.

The lightweight synthetic material will allow your horse to move about more freely and it applies less pressure to the horse’s back. The lighter weight capacity obviously makes saddling up, or removing the equipment much easier on your back. For those professionals or circuit riders that have ever sent your saddle ahead of you to the next rodeo or event, the cost of shipping is considerably less.

These products by Wintec have all the comfort and precision balance features that are so important for the variety of different riding needs. Cutting cattle, jumping, dressage, or cross country riding all require a different type of ideal ride. These saddles seem to have the spring, comfort, durability, and performance to accommodate to these various needs. The CAIR system that allows the saddle to be air adjustable is unique and creates precision fit and comfort for your horse and his shape. You will notice your horse will not be troubled by various rubbing sores caused by saddles.

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