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Try Cooking with Quinoa to Improve Your Health!

If you are trying to get healthy, you probably already know that adding nutritious whole foods to your diet is critical.  Processed foods do not provide your body with what it really needs and also are loaded with harmful preservatives.  Quinoa is a nutritious food that you may want to add to your diet.

In the last few years quinoa has quickly gained popularity as a super food. This is thanks to the fact that it is loaded with minerals and vitamins as well as offering your body a complete protein source. Quinoa is especially great for people that do not eat meat because it offers your body all of the amino acids that you need.  No matter what your tastes are you are sure to find a way you enjoy this nutritious seed.  It is great in everything from soups to salads and stir fry recipes.

Do you have food sensitivities? If so, you will be happy to know that quinoa is gluten free and is not a member of the grass family.

Because quinoa is so good for you, many experts have suggested that it may just be the perfect food.  With just one serving you get 300mg of potassium, 2.8 mg of iron and 31 grams of calcium.  Having only 220 calories, quinoa also provides you with 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.

Just about everyone can benefit from adding quinoa to their diets.  However, there are certain groups that can especially benefit.  Obviously, thanks to the fact that it offers a superior source of vegetarian protein, vegans and vegetarians should consider adding it to their diets.  Additionally, if you have frequent migraine attacks you also should consider adding it to your diet.  This is thanks to the fact that it is rich in riboflavin and magnesium.  Both have been scientifically shown to help reduce migraine attacks by reducing the constriction in your blood vessels.

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