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Types of Piano Lamp

Piano lamps are made specifically with the piano player in mind. They are designed for maximum lighting to shine on the music. Whether you play a grand piano, upright, console, studio, or spinet piano, there will be a piano lamp which is suitable as they are often designed for specific types of piano. Each lamp style has its own unique capabilities.

Piano desk lamps sit on top of the piano and are quite practical as most pianos have a flat top with a lid that can be raised for tuning and replacing parts and which also allows for a lamp to be set on top. Many desk lamps are shiny brass, but can be ordered in different colors and styles to suit your interior with everything from brushed nickel to those with stained glass shades like those found on Tiffany lamps.

Clip on lights can actually be clipped on to the piano’s music stand. This allows for a much brighter and closer shine, and ensures the piano player will have no trouble reading the music. These lights have the effect of someone shining a flashlight on the paper.

Piano floor lamps sit in the floor and have an arm that slides up over the piano toward the music stand. This type of lamp is easily adjustable, but some pianists may find the arm gets in the way of them playing and actually seeing the music.

While all three lamp styles can be effective, clip on lamps really take up less space and provide the most direct light. Floor lamps tend to take up the most room, and can be awkward to move. Desk lamps are the most versatile and can be used as a normal desk lamp.

While a normal lamp is designed to project light straight upward or downward, piano lights direct the light to a specific place and their shades mean they avoid any glare shining directly in the eyes of the player. The correct lamp style will meet the needs of the pianist and also be pleasant to the eyes as well as create a nice ambiance in a semi-dark room as a recital or concert begins.

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