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Use HEPA Vacuum Cleaners For Total Cleanliness

HEPA vacuum cleaners are vacuum cleaners that are equipped with special filters that help keep dust particles to a minimum. The term HEPA on HEPA vacuum cleaners means High Efficiency Particle Absorbing filter. This type of vacuum filter is so powerful given the fact that it has the ability to remove virtually 99.97 percent of all forms of particles which are 0.3 micrometers or larger in diameter. The HEPA filter was developed during the time of the Manhattan Project. It was first used as a precaution that helped prevent the spread of airborne radioactive particles into nearby areas whenever hazardous materials were used.

HEPA vacuum cleaners are often recommended for use in hospitals where total cleanliness is required in order to prevent the spread of harmful disease-causing pathogens. However, these types of vacuums are also suggested for homes with families that are prone to allergic attacks brought about by exposure to dust particles. Different manufacturers of HEPA vacuum cleaners include The Eureka Company, Sunpentown, Miele, Hoover, Dustless Technologies, Metro Vacuum, and Electrolux.These brands are available at most furniture stores as well as online.

Different Varieties of HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

These types of HEPA vacuum cleaners are classified as portable units and are compact in size, which allows them to be, carried virtually anywhere. Handheld vacuum are very handy to clean up small spills and accidents.

Backpack HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

These types of HEPA vacuum units are perhaps the easiest to use. Backpack HEPA vacuum cleaners have straps so they can be carried on a person’s back. With this, you’ll be able to reduce your cleaning time and clean different areas of the house much quicker than with a normal vacuum. These vacuum units are made with cooling systems that help prevent heat buildup on a person’s back when they are carried.

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