Use of Solar Lights in Commercial applications

Commercial lighting applications in towns and cities include street lighting, shelter lighting, or even lighting for large displays, monuments and billboards. Since most of these are large scale applications, they utilize a significant amount of energy. Using solar lighting for such applications therefore has a great bearing on the conservation of the Earth’s natural resources, as well as cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions on a grand scale.

The most common commercial application is street lighting. Each lighting unit along a street, city road, highway or flyover can be mounted with its own solar panel, storage battery and lighting circuit. Not only does this type of set-up provide zero maintenance service for a prolonged period, but it also ensures redundancy. If a single light unit is damaged or develops a problem, it does not impact the other lights along the road in any way; avoiding disruptions to traffic and normal life.

Another common lighting application in the commercial space is advertising. This includes lighting for billboards, sign and monument backlighting, and shelter or kiosk advertisement lighting amongst others. Each of these applications can be mounted with accompanying solar panels and battery, without compromising on visibility. Combining this form of lighting with the use of highly efficient LED lights results in ultra-bright signage’s that are weather and corrosion resistant, incur no electrical charges, and do not require scheduled maintenance for four to five years. Most of these lighting systems are also built with substantial battery back-ups to cover for cloudy days.

Solar lights can also be used effectively for traffic lights and unmanned railway level-crossings. These applications demand a high degree of reliability at all times combined with minimal maintenance requirements. Solar lights are ideally suited to such applications since they are highly dependable, and at the same time require very little or no maintenance.

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