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Uses for Nautical Fabric

There all different kinds of nautical fabric even though these are specific to a theme. You should be careful because you don’t want all of the hardwork that goes into a sewing project to really be for an item that seems quite juvenile. It should be a suitable for all different kinds of home decor projects even nautical lighting. You can also mix and match this in with solid colored fabrics because these are usually less expensive than patterned pieces. This also allows you to create more of a unique color palette so that you can branch out from the basic red, white, and blue that is associated with this theme. You can even make office blinds out of it.

You can really just be inspired by this kind of lifestyle. In this case, you could go for a very fun compass or map print. Really this style originated from explorers and it’s going to be a lot different than the lighthouse themes that are very popular with this kind of design style. You can also really turn it into the focal point of a kid’s room. You could even upholster a headboard into a handmade pirate flag. This is going to use a more sophisticated black and white color palette which will probably match the rest of the furniture that you might already have in a kid’s room.

You can also use plain fabrics and turn them into something quite special. Oftentimes quilts seem feminine. However, if you went with a nautical theme for bedding then this is going to instantly seem more masculine. You can use this for a toddler or even a baby boy. You can bring in traditional motifs such as sailboats or stars.

Nautical fabric can also have more of a vintage effect to it. In this case instead of a bright white you would want to go with a basic taupe or tan color. This can also feature classic sailboats as long as they also look aged. Then you can decorate with a lot of antique furniture in rich leather.

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