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Using Tanning Beds

There are two fundamental designs available for tanning beds. The most commonly used tanning bed is something that looks like a bed that is shaped like a capsule. If you lie down inside the capsule, you will be lying down on a sheet of Plexiglas where ultraviolet rays from UVA or UVB bulbs shine through.

The other kind of tanning equipment isn’t a bed, rather something that looks like a booth. It is also referred to as the ”stand up”. The concept behind this is just the same as that of a tanning bed, except for the fact that you enter a standing chamber, rather than lie down in the machine.  Both of these types of machines have the same purpose, though, to give the client ultraviolet rays that are similar to the sun.

So what is the benefit of using a tanning bed? A standard tanning bed features not only UVA bulbs, but also UVB light bulbs. These bulbs emit the same UV rays as the sun. There have been some studies, however, that revealed that UVB rays may pose potential harm to the clients. On the other hand, UVA rays are said to have less harmful effects on the skin since these rays can get deeper into the skin without causing any damage to the outer layers.

As a result, so many tanning shops have changed their equipment to beds that have higher levels of UVA and almost no UVB rays anymore. Extended hours under the UVB rays have also been proven to cause burns, damage to the immune system, and even cancer.

Despite the potential harm from using these rays, getting a tan in a tanning bed is still considered safer than being exposed under the sun. Studies show that the sun is very good for you.

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