Vintage and Old Rings

It is seen that in the modern tradition of engagement rings the vintage emerald rings are worn on the ring finger.  Vintage engagement rings or antique and old rings are also acceptable as engagement rings. Your decision to buy an engagement ring will surely become one of the most significant purchases you will ever make, both financial and emotionally.  It is such a large outlay of money that you must know what you are doing.  It can be scary as you don’t know what ring she’d like.

When jewelers find you an informed buyer, knowing what metals and gems are worth you will not be easy to sell to even if all you want are white gold emerald rings. The goal of the jeweler is to sell you a ring for much more than what it is worth.  They are out to make a profit, and you are out to make a steal.  So before you go ring shopping you must be well informed and prepared. Do your own research by going through the Internet.  Read up from authentic sources like the gemological institute of America and other real sites with genuine information. Don’t accidentally buy a cubic zirconia ring or something like that.

A great places to find vintage and old rings are at flea markets, estate sales and garage sales.  Many times the sellers have no idea what they are selling.  It is surprising that so many people do not know the names of gemstones and cannot tell the difference between real and created stones.  They usually do not like gold at the higher quality either because it is too yellow.  People really surprise me.  So go to estate sales, flea markets, garage sales and buy jewelry boxes full of jewelry.  You are bound to find some old rings that are treasures.

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