Vitamins to Defy Aging

As we continue to age, the capabilities of our body to distribute nutrients to different organs will deteriorate. Therefore, it is a must to increase vitamin and mineral consumption. It is factual that some vitamins do have anti-aging properties that will try to hinder the process of aging and maintain a younger looking appearance. Anti aging vitamins and the best anti aging products are in the form of supplements like pills or creams.

To prevent the formation of wrinkles most especially on your face, intake of vitamin A is a good choice due to its anti-oxidant properties. These anti-oxidants impede cell damage from free radicals as well as the by-products produced by the body’s metabolism. But the downside of vitamin A is that it produces sunlight sensitivity that can promote damage when exposed. That is why it is recommendable to use sun block products whilst taking vitamin A to attain good anti-aging effects.

Vitamin B specifically vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid is also important for your body as you continue to age. Having insufficient amount of these vitamins can result to cardiovascular disorders as well as memory lapses. By increase your intake on these vitamins, the process of aging can surely be delayed.

Another important vitamin to delay aging is vitamin C which is mainly found on the skin. You can also get rich amount of this vitamin in vegetables, citrus fruits and supplements are available as well. Vitamin C functions to repair damaged cells and can also block the growth of cancer cells. However, if your lifestyle involves consistent exposure to the sun, it is advised to take vitamin C supplements or eat several fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C since the sun’s radiation can dramatically decrease the body’s content of vitamin C.

Among all the vitamins that can delay aging, vitamin E is the type containing the largest number of benefits. Vitamin E has the ability to safeguard cell membranes as well as enhancing those enzymes associated to them. This vitamin can be acquired through skin care products that prevent wrinkles and can absolutely slow down aging. An intake of 400mg per day can already improve skin texture as well as removing the wrinkles.

Vitamin K is also useful against bone, heart and blood diseases that can result to aging. Vitamin K supplements are very advantageous against diseases like stroke, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is factual that vitamins with anti-aging properties can delay aging. Nevertheless, it is also important to consume the right dose only and adding them up to your daily diet is an excellent approach.

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