Wardrobes Are Important Bedroom Furniture

After the bed, wardrobes are the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Some wardrobes are versatile and will give your bedroom a relaxed ambience, while others are more formal and streamlined. Deciding on a wardrobe storage system depends on the available space in your bedroom and the amount of storage you require. You can start by determining how much hanging space and drawer space you will need, as well as storage for shoes, bags, luggage and linen.

If you want a wardrobe for organizing not only clothes but other things in your home, there are a number of permanent and temporary options available.

The walk-in wardrobe is a permanent option available to those who have ample space in their bedroom. But some people have the potential for a walk-in hidden within their room without even knowing it. Awkwardly shaped rooms can be ‘squared off’ or you might be able to section off a corner of the bedroom to create a triangular shaped walk-in. There is usually the potential to make use of the space above the door and the space on either side of the opening. Shelving and drawers can fill any remaining space.

Fitted or built in wardrobes can make the most of any space with awkward angles, uneven walls and sloping ceilings. Using the available wall to wall and floor to ceiling space, they provide a generous amount of shelves and hanging options. They can be fitted with sliding doors or bi-fold doors if floor space is limited. A more expensive option than stand alone wardrobes, a built in wardrobe often needs to be designed and fitted by an expert.

Stand alone wardrobes are storage systems which offer the most versatility in terms of cost and design. They come in a range of materials and sizes and come ready-made or customized as required. Choose a stand alone wardrobe which best fit the existing style of furniture in your bedroom and consider wardrobes with drawers at the bottom or up the side for storing extra bedding or jumpers. You can utilize the storage on the top of the wardrobe by using decorative boxes.

Most importantly, stand alone wardrobes are not permanent and can move house when you do.

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