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Ways to Redo a Bathroom

Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a home.  You want this space to exude comfort and warmth from the moment you step into it.  Everything from the door to the toilet needs to be taken into consideration when decorating a room that is both full of lovely amenities and that is useful.  Because of this, you will have a great time shopping for your bathroom.

A shower curtain is a good place to start and you might want to choose a design that incorporates fishes or frogs.  Perhaps you prefer a style that is more on the elegant side.  You could choose a brown or red hue and add an outer ruffled curtain to outfit your space.  You probably want to add some type of shelving unit to the inside as well.  If you need something that is simply designed and within easy reach, a chrome-coated or simple white plastic rack that hangs from the shower head will probably suffice.  You may prefer some tiered shelving that are corner fit and stay in place by a spring loaded metal pole.

The most important element may be the bath vanity unit.  This is also an easy one.  Soap pump dispensers and dishes are sold in many colors and can have a pattern or not.  You can get a toothbrush holder in a mountable style or a freestanding style.  A rubbed brass hand towel hanger can add visual interest to the decor as well.  The bathroom mirror also plays a very crucial role.  Depending on the designer, you can get a simple style or an extravagant one. A large decorative mirror in the center that is flanked with several smaller decorated mirrors on either side will give you a good amount of light as is reflects all around and above you.  The light will bounce around the room whether the style is elegant crystal or a spare lantern style.

Your particular bathroom will dictate the style of the linen cabinet or towel bar.  You can pick between metal or stained wood and between doors or open shelving.  Open shelves will display your fresh towels and if you have bright colors, this vibrancy will add to the room decor.  You also have to think about the walls.  Wallpaper is nice and you can do bold patterns or colors, or you could try a muted lavender or pink, then add a flower arrangement or picture.  You can get an affordable brass or aluminum sconce for flowers.

Another choice is to place a full-length mirror on the inside of the door so that all family members can see a new or special outfit.  Mom can put herself together in her new dress so that she can have a date night with her husband after a busy week.  Add a flower garland around the mirror to match the decor for a final touch.  Each time you go into this newly decorated bathroom, you will truly feel comfortable and at home.

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