Wearing Zebra Print Clothing and Accessories

Animal print clothing is certainly popular these days but not everybody can wear it with style and flair. In fact, if worn incorrectly, it has the potential to be a fashion disaster. Depending on how they are worn, animal print fabrics can make the ultimate fashion statement and it is not always good.

If you think you are bold enough to pull off this fashion trend, there are a couple things you should keep in mind.

Do Not Wear Too Many Prints at Once

Attempting to match every single part of an outfit is a big mistake. You will automatically look like you are trying too hard. Try to balance your ensemble with complementary accessories and pieces. Always remember not too overdo it. A little bit of animal print can go a very long way. Zebra print clothing and accessories are especially bold and do not need a lot of help to get attention. For example, zebra print shoes are a good way to work zebra prints into your existing wardrobe without going overboard.

Use Animal Prints Sparingly

Safari prints are very popular these days but there are several animal prints available that exhibit especially bold patterns. Cheetah print and classic leopard are especially in demand. Giraffe is more difficult to find. Tiger and zebra remain fashion favorites. Mixing prints is not a wise thing to do. Try to keep the print confined to no more than two elements of the overall outfit. Trying to do too much is a definite mistake.

Use Your Best Judgment

Not everything works for everyone. These designs can be found on just about any piece of clothing you can imagine but that does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate. Limit yourself for best results. Choose small items like handbags to display your animal magnetism. You can pair zebra print scarves and zebra print shoes with a solid dress for a great look.

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