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What are the latest liposuction surgerical methods

Making use of liposuction as a mean to gain a better looking body shape is becoming more acceptable. In fact, there is liposuction in NYC, Chicago, London and in almost every developed city. As a result of such strong market, there have been cutting edge approaches being introduced at a high frequency. The advantages of these new techniques are supposedly able to correct some of the weakness of the current approaches. However, due to the similarities between the different choices, some might not how each of them work. Presented below is information on some of the latest liposuction procedures that have gotten greater interest.

Begin we start, it is good to know that most of these new techniques use a wetting solution. The aim is to make the removal process smoother. How the melting process is conducted is what separates one technique from another.

Among the many techniques, laser liposuction is one of the more popular choice. The approach utilises a special cannula that has a laser head to emit heat energy for the melting of fat. This laser technique has the advantage of being more targeted and less harmful to the patient. That being said, laser lipo can still cause injuries if the surgeon is not trained in operating a laser.

Another new technique that has been introduced is the slim lipo. This procedure is developed from many years of R&D. Relative to regular laser lipo, slim lipo uses a wider optic optic that can emit more laser energy. The wider laser area means that the intensity of the laser can be lowered, which lessens the odds of sustaining any burns.

A more different approached has been introduced by a new technique called water liposuction. This procedure uses a non heat process to soften the fats. Compared to laser lipo, water lipo is less likely to cause any heat related internal injuries. This is because the procedure keeps clear of heat energy and uses only the kinetic force from the water.  In terms of prices, cost of water liposuction is also less than traditional or laser lipo. Despite that, no clear evidence has been found on whether it is as effective as laser lipo.

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