What Are The Types Of Humidifiers?

Having a humidifier is a good way to maintain a healthy living. A humidifier is a device that controls the humidity level in your home by spreading the moisture in the air. It is commonly used during cold weather conditions where the air inside your home tends to dry up. Various models of humidifiers can also be used as an air purifier. With the use of an evaporative or furnace humidifier filter, it can trap dust particles and microscopic bacteria and prevent it from circulating within your house.

The main purpose of a humidifier filter is to increase the evaporation process of water and at the same time, purifying the air inside your home. Humidifiers are usually described as cool mist or warm mist but are relatively the same approach as to produce moisture and release it into the air. Here are the types of humidifiers that are commonly used today.

Evaporative humidifiers emit cool mist. This type of humidifier uses a fan to blow water through a wick or filter that traps dust particles and bacteria before the water evaporates. Evaporative humidifier filters are usually made of paper, cloth or foam. It also comes in different sizes, from portable tabletop units to large house units that can be integrated into the entire cooling and heating system of the house.

Furnace humidifiers are the type of humidifiers that is attached to your furnace, which can offer a range of benefits over freestanding models. Most notably that you only need one unit to humidify your home. Usually, these will be fitted when your heating system is installed as they are designed to be fully integrated. Also, the furnace humidifier filter uses the same principle as that of the evaporative design which can be used as an air purifier. Furnace humidifiers are more expensive but require less maintenance.

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