What does is in the oil pressure sensor do?

Taking care of your car involves performing some fairly simple checks every few weeks. These checks include making sure there is enough coolant, that the tire pressure is okay and that you have enough engine oil. One of the good things about checking these levels regularly is that you get to know how much of each liquid your car uses over time. It is fair to say that if you are regularly topping up any one of these, especially if you have a new car, more than once every two or three months then, depending on your mileage, you properly have a leak.

Let’s take just one of these as an example. When oil is leaking out of the oil system it causes low pressure. Pressure is monitored in the engine by the oil pressure sensor and this is the trigger for the warning light on your instrument panel. it is possible for oil to leak into different ways. The first where is easy to spot , where you end up with the oil for the on your nice driveway. It can be difficult to trace the source of the league like this by cleaning the engine and in some cases using talcum powder it can be done. Depending where the leak is it can be expensive to fix, not due to the price of the parts, budget is the labor needed to get to the parts.

The second kind of leak is when oil enters the internal combustion engine and is burnt with the gasoline. This is a lovely can be got it from a blue tint to the smoke coming from the exhaust. Either way you should take swift action to get a leak fixed as running and engine with insufficient oil is very harmful.

Eventually you will have two get the engine oil changed completely. When this happens choose a high quality engine oil. You don’t compromise on a cheap oil change if you need to save money change the oil yourself instead.

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