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What Is A Good Tennis Elbow Aircast

What is a tennis elbow aircast you may ask? A tennis elbow aircast is a brace or is a special device that provides comfortable padding and cushion effect to the medial or lateral parts of the elbow where tennis elbow could occur.

The aircast is placed on the affected area of the muscles in the arms. This compresses the tendons that are responsible for the movements of the wrists. Many athletes use aircast in recovering from sports injuries. Doctors and physical therapists also suggest the use of aircast to alleviate sports injuries like tennis elbow, ankle injuries, knee injuries and the likes.

There are aircasts that immobilize physical injuries while others apply constant air pressure on the injured muscles. Aircasts are basically made of plastic and air which makes them light-weight, removable, easy to use and comfortable during the recovery process.

Tennis elbow is a condition that stresses the muscles in the elbow; it is both painful and intolerable. One of the ways to ease the pain from this condition is the use of bands or aircast to speed up the recovery. Aircasts for tennis elbow usually use small air pockets that provide constant pressure to the affected muscles specifically rather than compressing the whole arm. A good tennis elbow aircast should be durable and should give ease to the tired muscles offering lesser pain. When worn properly, the air cushion should apply pressure to the muscles of your arms, alleviating stress on the tendons. It will also help stop any vibrations due to arm movements from travelling up the arm which would irritate the inflamed area.

Wearing a tennis elbow aircast during the day, and even at night will provide more comfort for your elbows and arms, making the pain more manageable; it will also help speed up the healing process by protecting the affected area.

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