What to Do for Hair Growth

Hair growth is a pretty searched for topic on the internet as a result of the very prevalent hair loss that America is experiencing. Both men and women alike suffer from this condition and it is very devastating to both. There are many causes of hair loss which is not the scope of this article but there some treatments, remedies and hair growth products that are available to you via the internet which can help improve the hair loss situation. There are also some tips that you can try which do not cost money but can help your hair.

The first tip is to massage your head. You do not need to go to a massage therapist and pay a lot of money; you can do it yourself. This helps get the blood flowing to your scalp so it can bring nutrients that it may be lacking which makes the hair fall out. You should turn your head upside down and rub with your fingertips all around. You can also use a hard bristle brush but just don’t do it hard enough to hurt yourself.

Another thing to know is not to pull your hair back too tightly into a ponytail or a bun because this loosens the hair strand from the follicle and lets it fall out much more easily. Try not to brush your hair too much when it’s wet because it is much more easily damaged when wet than when dry. Use a hair loss shampoo or at the very least a sulfate free shampoo which doesn’t have the chemicals that are very hard on the hair and damages them.

Lat but not least, make sure to take your daily dose of vitamins because this is very instrumental in healthy hair, especially the vitamin called biotin which is part of the B complex family.

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