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When is Mold Remediation Needed?

Black Mold has become a problem to every home because it doesn’t only stain the area where it grows but it also poses a health hazard to every family member.  However, molds can grow anywhere including your workplace as long as moisture and oxygen is present. When this happens, the health of the workers in the area is also at risk. This calls for an immediate action especially if the contamination is extensive to avoid long term exposure to molds.  Long term exposure can cause irreversible damage to your health, thus it is very important to get rid of them before it is too late.

Mold Remediation is the process of removing molds from contaminated areas that is more than ten square feet. Schools and commercial buildings are example of large areas that can greatly be infested with molds.

Pink mold is usually found in your showers or bathrooms, it is really common in public showers where particular care isn’t made to keep it clean.  The fungi that causes pink mold feeds on soap and shampoo residue.

This is very alarming because a lot of population is at risk in these areas. In this case, the help of a mold removal contractor who specialized in mold remediation is needed. The contractor is responsible for the complete and safe removal of the spores to preserve and maintain the integrity of the building. Since molds can grow anywhere, it is a very challenging task to locate the source and totally get rid of them. Some of them can be found in HVAC system, under flooring like carpeting and linoleum, on the surface of and inside cracks in concrete or cinder block, on wood surfaces and even within the pages of books and magazines that have been stock for a long time.

The whole process may take some time and must be planned to avoid delay in schedule and work. Once, the contractor has determined the need for mold remediation, a health professional is also needed to assess if there are already symptoms of molds exposure. The area must be contained to avoid further exposure of the people and ensure their safety.  Containment is important to avoid the spread of the spores all over the area. Complete protective gears are worn by professionals to protect themselves too. And they must make sure that all contaminated materials will be removed from the contained area are bagged and disposed properly. After the process, restore your area and make it more pleasing and conducive to work.

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